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Take a look at Dr. Katherine Bell’s most recent smile makeover.

MM before after

MM before after smile

This patient presented with severe enamel erosion and associated wear and fractures.  She was unhappy with the color and esthetics of her front teeth. To protect her teeth and improve esthetics, ceramic crowns were fabricated from canine to canine. Color was chosen to match her existing posterior crown restorations. Our dental laboratory fabricated beautiful crowns that resulted in a magnificent smile and facial appearance.


See what Dr. Barbara Bell has been doing to make over smiles for our patients.

Before and after of a patients collapsing bite.

This patient demonstrates a collapsing bite, which wore down his teeth significantly. When closing, he completely covered his lower teeth, exposing them to even more wear. Bite collapse is a medical condition that is characterized by a change in the structure of the patient’s teeth, facial features, and jaw position because of tooth loss or severe wearing down of the teeth. The bite was opened substantially and restored to a healthy level with porcelain crowns resulting in a much younger smile and facial appearance.


Before and after of a patient's acid eroded teeth.

This patient, over many years, demonstrates significant wear from normal function as well as acid erosion. Acid erosion can be caused by reflux, vomiting, and consumption of acidic foods and beverages. Most notable are the numerous fractures seen in the “before” photo along with chipping on the edges. This case was restored with porcelain crowns to normal form and function and beautiful aesthetics.



This patient began with two front teeth having old crowns and a history of trauma to one of them. This trauma turned the underlying tooth charcoal in color. Both crowns were removed, and his smile returned showing new, well-matched crowns with ideal color.



This case demonstrates a full arch reconstruction of a 48-year-old man who began with a closed bite and numerous fractured edges showing no teeth when he smiled. At the completion of the case he shows an aesthetic smile with crowns fabricated to proper form and function with an ideal gumline.