Dr. Shuyan Rofe speaks Mandarin

IMG_2142在Barbara Bell DDS 牙医诊所,我们以确保我们的患者在来到我们诊所时感到宾至如归而感到自豪。我们想与Frederick社区建立联系,并让您知道我们自己的Shuyan Rofe(蒋姝妍)牙医会说流利的普通话。她可以与我们的讲中文的患者进行交流,帮助他们了解他们的口腔健康情况,并一起制定牙齿治疗方案。


芭芭拉·贝尔牙医(Barbara Bell)DDS 致力于雇用具不同背景和能力的人才。我们很高兴Shuyan Rofe DDS(蒋姝妍)牙医具有她创造性的解决问题和创新思想的能力,成为我们团队的一部分。


At Barbara Bell DDS, PA we pride ourselves in making sure our patients feel at home during dental care visits. We would like to reach out to the Frederick county community and let you know our very own Dr. Shuyan Rofe speaks Mandarin fluently. She can have one-on-one conversations with our multilingual patients, helping individuals understand their dental health and navigate dental treatment options.

Dr. Rofe’s high degree of empathy allows her to put herself into another person’s shoes to understand their perspective and intention. She brings fresh assessments and strong problem-solving skills that align with our personal needs to ensure successful care, and she can create a true connection to our patinet population.

Barbara Bell DDS, PA is invested in hiring people with a range of talents and from a variety of backgrounds. We are thrilled to have Dr. Shuyan Rofe with her creative problem-solving and innovative thinking as part of our team.