United Concordia Plan to be Discontinued

To all our patients who have United Concordia Dental Insurance;

I regret to inform you that our office will be cancelling our preferred contract with United Concordia dental insurance. The effective date of cancellation for this insurance carrier is January 1, 2019.

United Concordia is the only insurance carrier we must cancel at this time due to delayed receipt of insurance payments, denial of coverage and excessive abuse of “alternative benefit” practices. We have found that benefits due for our Untied Concordia insured patients are significantly less than the standard of care in comparison to many of the other insurance companies with which we participate. Our office is often caught in a battle of appeals trying to obtain funds for our patients in a timely fashion.

After the new year we will submit you insurance claims for you as always but will no longer accept United Concordia’s adjusted preferred provider fee schedule. Patients will be responsible for the full amount and United Concordia will reimburse the policy holder directly.

We hope you will continue your care with us, but in the event you need to transfer, we will work with you to make your transition as seamless as possible. If you have any questions, please call us at 301-620-8869.


Barbara Bell DDS, PA